Item #: RPC-213

Clasificacion del Objeto: Beta

Protocolos de Contención: Una valla perimetral de acero con eslabones de cadena de aproximadamente 3 m de altura se instalará alrededor de RPC-213-3 y una patrulla compuesta por no menos de dos miembros del personal de la Autoridad mantendrá bajo vigilancia el área circundante bajo la cubierta de ser un refugio de vida silvestre restringido. Cualquier persona que intente ingresar por la entrada será redirigido fuera de RPC-213-3. Si una persona es afectada por RPC-213-3 y posteriormente identificada como una instancia de RPC-213-2, debe ser asegurada inmediatamente y enviada a la instalación de Contención Humanoide Anómala en el lado orientado hacia el norte del Sitio-█ y mantenida dentro de una célda de contención humanoide media. Se deben proporcionar todos los artículos requeridos para la vida estándar.

En caso de que una instancia de RPC-213-2 aparezca en otro lugar que no sea RPC-213-3, o intente ingresar forzosamente a RPC-213-3 por medios ilegales, el personal de la Autoridad debe aprehenderla inmediatamente. Si la instancia ofrece alguna resistencia, se autoriza la terminación.

Debido a los documentos recientemente recuperados, los protocolos de contención están actualmente bajo revisión.

Descripción: RPC-213 es un sistema de estrellas múltiples en la constelación del norte de Auriga. Las estimaciones colocan a RPC-213 aproximadamente a 2.000 años luz de distancia de la Tierra.

Se puede detectar radiación electromagnética de baja frecuencia emitiendo desde RPC-213. Estas ondas se designan aquí como RPC-213-1. Inicialmente, RPC-213 no mostró otras propiedades anómalas además de su capacidad para cruzar inmensas distancias en un corto período de tiempo; viajando aparentemente varias veces la velocidad de la luz. No fue hasta el 09/03/██ que se descubrio su propiedad anómala primaria. Cuando RPC-213-1 encuentra un sujeto humano durante el sueño profundo, el sujeto se convierte inmediatamente en una instancia de RPC-213-2. Aunque RPC-213-1 ha demostrado interactuar con todo lo que entra en contacto, solo unos pocos son susceptibles a sus efectos. El método de selección aún no se conoce. A partir del ██/██/██, se han descubierto y detenido 53 casos de RPC-213-2. Se especula que hay muchas más instancias de RPC-213-2 que no se han encontrado.

Instances of RPC-213-2 after experiencing an encounter with RPC-213-1, exit their dreams with an immensely changed psyche consisting of an unusual obsession with RPC-213 and an aversion to interacting with others, regardless of their backgrounds and connections with them. The majority of instances of RPC-213-2 believe RPC-213 is a god-like entity with reality altering abilities, despite RPC-213 not displaying any anomalous properties similar to what was described. On multiple occasions, instances of RPC-213-2 have been seen observing the sky in a dream-like state. Particularly the area where RPC-213 is. All cases involving an instance of RPC-213-2 involves a dramatic change of behavior, similar to that of a hermit and encasing themselves in a space capable of ensuring a quiet environment with access to a view of the night sky. Despite having no other anomalous properties besides an obsession with RPC-213, the administration of an amnestic is inherently useless other than ridding an instance of RPC-213-2 of other memories. Rarely will it happen, but whenever an instance of RPC-213-2 is interrupted and confronted about their obsession, there is a chance that they will retaliate with aggression. All cases involving this reaction inevitably ending in the death of the confronting subject.

RPC-213-3 antes del incendio.

If an RPC-213-2 instance is left alone for a prolonged amount of time, they will develop a subconscious attraction towards a dilapidated church in ██████, Illinois. The interior of the church is lined with child-like drawings of stars written on the walls with blue chalk. There is also evidence of a fire that occurred inside. Six of the pews within are seared with burn marks, the rest are completely broken beyond recognition. Despite the evidence of a fire, the lectern is undamaged and in perfect condition. A journal with the name Thomas Bartholomew was found on top of it. Inside is a recollection of the events transpiring within the church from 02/01/██ to 03/04/██. See Journal Summary-TBW.

Journal Summary-TBW

The church is currently abandoned with no anomalous properties, other than it's effect on instances of RPC-213-2. It is currently unknown why it has this effect. Once an instance of RPC-213-2 arrives at RPC-213-3, they will sit in a prayer position relative to their particular faith and observe the area roughly where RPC-213 is. These instances will remain in RPC-213-3 regardless of the conditions that will transpire, such as starvation or dehydration. After a period of 2 weeks spent observing RPC-213, they will inevitably expire.

Addendum 213-01: According to local inhabitants, this church belonged to the late [REDACTED] whom is now deceased as of ██/██/██. The church was built in 19██ as a safe haven for the aforementioned [REDACTED] and his devout followers who were heard to be fleeing from the nearby town of ████████. Afterwards his descendants and followers maintained the church until 20██, where a fire occurred within the church while 18 people were still inside. 17 of them were discovered inside deceased and their bodies severely burned. Only one of the bodies were recognizable, of which was discovered to be Kelly McBraniggan. The 18th person to be within RPC-213-3 was not found at the scene and is assumed to be Thomas Bartholomew, who is now to be established as PoI-6790. Despite the devastating fire that occurred within RPC-213-3, it sustained much less damage than expected of a wooden structure.

Interview Log-01

Interviewer: Researcher ██████

Interviewed: RPC-213-2-29

Foreword: Researcher ██████ is to converse with RPC-213-2-29 and inquire about the contents of their dreams.

<Begin Log>

Researcher ██████: "Hello ████. I am here to talk to you about the dream you may have had on 01/19/██. If you could provide us with any details of what your dream consisted of, you would be greatly assisting us."

RPC-213-2-29: "My dream?"

Note: At this point, RPC-213-2-29 is slightly detached from the conversation and there will be multiple points in the interview log where its attention will have to be redirected.

Researcher ██████: "Yes, your dream, ████."

RPC-213-2-29: "I-I can't remem—"

Researcher ██████: "Please just try your best."

RPC-213-2-29: "Well…ok. That night, I had a prophetic vision of sorts. One that told me of a godly being with unimaginable powers. He was so bright. So bright…"

Researcher ██████: "████. ████, would you please continue?"

RPC-213-2-29: "Oh, uh, yes. Sorry. It started with an inky black. A darkness that engulfed my very being. No matter where I went or how much I tried to imagine something else, it wouldn't go away. There was nowhere to look away from, and no way to escape it. There was no difference if your eyes were closed or not, it was all the same. That darkness lasted an eternity. Until a bright blue light filled every one of my senses. Warm, but not enough to burn. Bright, but not enough to strain my eyes. It was so very welcoming, and nice. So nice…"

Researcher ██████: *Snaps fingers* "Hey, ████, wake up. What came after? Could you at least tell me that?"

RPC-213-2-29: "Huh? What came after? Not much really. That's all I can possibly remember. A stifling darkness, and then a warm light. So, so welcoming too… I never want to go back to that darkness. Sometimes I’ll see that dream again, but the darkness only gets bigger and bigger. Just when the darkness almost swallows me, It comes to save me. Can I go back to my room now? It’s waiting for me.”

Researcher ██████: “Alright ████. You can go. I believe this’ll be enough for now. Take him back to his cell.”

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Instances of RPC-213-2 are likely motivated by some kind of fear of being without RPC-213 and the light it seems to bring in their dreams.

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