Extractos de un Bastion

Entrada 80002-1

Los procedimientos se han actualizado después de la fuga y la proliferación del Paciente 80001. El grosor de las paredes de la sala de espera se ha triplicado, se ha agregado una cámara de descontaminación adicional y el investigador de este paciente, el Dr. H ——, ha acordó que su espacio de trabajo se trasladara a la celda del Paciente 80002.

La adquisición de 80002 ocurrió a las 21:32 en la fecha de esta entrada después de haber sido citado caminando por el este de Manhattan. Se llamó a la policía al 80002 después de que un residente lo confundiera con una persona sin hogar que los había agredido la semana anterior. Un tiempo indeterminado después del envío, un Agente de la Policía de la Ciudad de Nueva York llamó por una perturbación de Nivel Chi que coincidía con la descripción del individuo, y la procuración fue seguida rápidamente, ya que 80002 no se resistió a la captura ni al transporte. 80002 parece ser un hombre caucásico de mediados a finales de los 40, vestido con una camisa roja con botones, pantalones vaqueros, zapatillas y un sombrero verde oscuro de lana. 80002 tiene cabello castaño, canoso y cabello plateado que cubre sus brazos. La transferencia del paciente ocurrió a las 22:54 de la fecha de esta entrada, el Dr. H. fue trasladado a la celda a las 23:12 e inmediatamente comenzó a conversar con el paciente.


Dr. H. moves his office chair directly opposite the holding chair, holding his research notebook.

Dr. H. – So uh… let us begin with some simple questions. To start with, what is your name?

80002 sits calmly in the holding chair and remains silent. Two minutes pass.

Dr. H. – Well now, that was enlightening, so let’s try something different. Do you know why you’re here?

80002 laughs once, but otherwise remains silent. One minute passes.

Dr. H. – Do you know who we are?

80002 stifles a reaction, possibly another laugh.

80002 – Of course.

Dr. H. – Well, if you know who we are, then you should know all the holding procedures, yes?

80002 – I know you people like to hear the sound of your own voice.

Dr. H. – I’ll take this to mean you want to hear the holding procedures, then.

80002 slouches in the holding chair as much as the restraints will allow, and remains silent as Dr. H. lists the containment procedures.

Dr. H. – You are hereby considered a patient at -- - --—. Your stay shall be indefinite, or as close to indefinite as we can allow. You are not to leave this room under any circumstances, and if you are witnessed outside of the walls of this room, you will be immediately terminated. The chair you are seated in is fitted with acid and shatter-resistance restraints, and the room is monitored by 24/7 surveillance and fitted with self-destruction routines in case of escape. In addition, I shall personally be monitoring you and administering any chemical restraints deemed necessary. Do you understand these requirements?

80002 remains slouched and glares at Dr. H.

Dr. H. – Your silence is considered acceptance, just so you know. Now, I know you can’t see the sun from this room, but let me assure you, it is quite late at night, so I shall be administering the first of hopefully many chemical restraints: a simple sleep aid that will ensure you have a nice, long night.

Dr. H. Walked over to 80002 and administered Serum 234. 80002 did not move at all during the inoculation and appeared to remain still as Dr. H. left the room.

Dr. H. was decontaminated in Cell 1 at 23:17, and moved to his sleeping quarters outside of Cell 2. 80002 was not observed to move from his slouching position for the remainder of the evening.

Entry 80002-3

Patient 80002 spent the night still and unmoving, save for the minor movements caused by his breathing, which remained unchanged, despite the updated chemical restraints. 80002 did not move until Doctor H—— entered the room.

Dr. H. woke up at 7:14, but remained in bed until 9:44, apparently nursing a hangover. After rising and dressing, he curtly addressed the intern on duty for the day, who gave him the day’s briefing.

After giving the briefing a quick glance, Dr. H. moved straight into the cell at 10:13 for the morning observations. Grabbing a clipboard and pen from the desk, Dr. H. walked over to 80002 and began interrogating him.


Dr. H. – I don’t have the time or patience to deal with you today, so why don’t you open your goddamned eyes and answer my questions for once?

80002 roused and sat up, slowly rolling his neck, causing it to audibly crack three times, but did not open his eyes.

Dr. H. – I already told you, you cretin, I don’t have the time for this, open your eyes.

Dr. H. jabs his pen at 80002’s cheek, and the pen pierced at least two inches into the flesh of the cheek before stopping.

80002 opened his eyes at this, and the cameras clearly noted a clear discoloration of his eyes. In the past sixteen hours, the whites of 80002’s eyes turned a sickly yellow, and any ocular movement observed was sluggish and possibly painful. Video feed of the morning observations were sent to Doctors V- and L—-, who were unable to determine the exact cause of the change beyond the possibility of an infection garnered before capture.

Dr. H. retreated, clearly distressed, leaving the pen embedded in 80002’s face.

Dr. H. – What the fuck? What the absolute fuck?

Dr. H. retreats towards the decontamination door and begins to panic. Extraction squads had been dispatched towards the cell at this point. 80002 begins shaking his head violently, apparently trying to dislodge the pen from his face, bleeding in the interim. Dr. H. tripped halfway between the chair and the door and fell onto his side.

Extraction Squad Delta breached the cell at 10:20, and found Dr. H. passed out in a fetal position and 80002 sitting calmly, smiling and bleeding from the wound on his face, the pen sitting three feet from the holding chair in a pool of blood. He seemed to be trying to make conversation with the extraction squad, but neither the extraction squad nor the audio recordings picked up anything but garbled nonsense. Doctors J—, M—, G, and P—- all studied the footage and came to the conclusion that 80002’s larynx has sustained severe damage, and that he will no longer be able to sustain any kind of vocal communication.

Dr. H. was extracted and taken to his chambers, where he stayed until 16:02. 80002 was not interacted with, however the extraction team did remove the pen and collected a sample of blood for testing. Results from said tests are pending.

At 16:24, Dr. H. exited his chambers and demanded to be transferred “to something less insane,” but the interns all insisted he had to stay. After arguing for ten minutes with the interns, he claimed that he had the power to decide for himself when and where he could work, and attempted to access the staff elevator. When his staff card read as invalid, he began to physically assault the elevator. Eventually, Extraction Squad Beta was sent to contain him. The extraction squad dragged an uncooperative Dr. H. to the decontamination chamber and forcibly interred him in the antechamber, closing and sealing the door. In his attempts to escape, Dr. H. nearly broke two fingers and his right arm.

At 17:13, Dr. H. exited the decontamination chamber into 80002’s cell, visibly distraught and hesitant. He moved to his desk, sat in the chair, and stared at 80002 for twenty minutes before turning to the camera.


Dr. H. – I checked up on him. He looks fine. Can I leave now?

80002 threw his head back and emitted a sound that could have been a laugh, but was much too garbled to do more than speculate on.

Ten minutes pass, and Dr. H. becomes more and more agitated, occasionally screaming threats in the camera’s direction, only some of which were coherent enough to record:

Dr. H. – When are you bastards going to open that door!

Dr. H. – You know forcing me to do this is unethical, right?

Dr. H. – I swear to god if you don’t open that door and let me go home, I am going to tear this building down!

Eventually Dr. H. grabbed a pen and advanced towards 80002, who had done nothing except grin at Dr. H. during the ten minute interval. Shaking, Dr. H. stood in front of 80002 for a full minute, doing nothing but staring into 80002’s discolored eyes. After the pause, Dr. H. closed his eyes and swung his hand into 80002’s head, embedding the pen into the same cheek that had been damaged earlier. 80002 made a noise that most interns observing the interaction called “a garbled scream,” and lunged towards Dr. H., pausing only when the restraints stopped him. In one smooth, swift motion, 80002 wrenched his left hand in the manacle, and succeeded in severing it at the wrist, bringing his arm fully around Dr. H.’s neck.

Extraction Squad Beta entered the cell at this time and successfully managed to retrieve Dr. H. before any bodily harm could be done. Dr. H. was taken out of the room in shock and covered in 80002’s blood, and once separated from Dr. H., 80002 became calm and did not struggle as the extraction squad injected him with Cocktail 43 (Serums 140, 87, and 33), which seemed to have the intended effect, as 80002 lost consciousness, although Dr. M—- believes this may have been a physiological response to the amount of blood lost, rather than the intended chemical response expected.

80002 had the stump of his hand cauterized shut by Extraction Squad Beta’s Doctor, and the puncture wounds in his cheek had ceased bleeding, and were expelling a putrid black goo, which was collected alongside the pen used in the attack, several of 80002’s teeth that had been knocked out by the pen, a sample of blood, and the hand that had 80002 had removed.

Dr. H. was cleaned and returned to his room, which has now been locked to prevent unauthorized movement.

Holding procedures for 80002 have been changed in light of this incident. Instead of the holding chair used thus far, 80002 has been suspended on a holding bed placed in the same location as the chair, with manacles for the ankles, kneecaps, hips, midsection, chest, shoulders, neck, forehead, elbows, and the one remaining wrist. The severed wrist has been left free to move. The Doctors overseeing the project hope that this will limit the amount of damage 80002 can do to himself over the remainder of his interment.

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